Academic musings

This page features my academic writing, including projects that I worked on while obtaining a graduate certificate in Health Communication, as well as my ongoing work on a master’s degree in Public Relations and Organizational Communications at Wayne State University (WSU).

I have successfully completed courses in Social Marketing, End-of-Life Issues, Crisis Communications and Organizational Communications, as well as a a directed study, with my autoethnography as an end result, and an introductory course to the master’s degree program, in which I completed a Literature Review examining the influence of companions on doctor-patient communications.

  • In 2011, I composed a Case Study for a Principles of Health Communication class I took towards earning my graduate certificate in Health Communication.
  • As part of the master’s degree program at WSU, I composed a Literature Review, examining research on the effects of a companion on the interactions between a doctor and patient.
  • In the Spring/Summer 2014 semester at WSU, I successfully completed a Crisis Communications class as part of my  master’s program.
  •  As a final project for my Organizational Communications class in the Fall 2014 semester, I examined a Bone Marrow Transplant clinic to understand how a physical work space influences communication between employees.



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